4 Years ago, the web was introduced to formerly known as French Connection, French Kiss among others. The site has gone through so many changes including many owners (co-webs), 21 layouts and much more. On this day February 17th, 2013 I've come one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make as a webmaster, closing this site. Thank you all for making this site what it has become. The decision on closing the site has been on my mind for the most of 2012 & throughout this year. The site has become something more of a chore than something I would do for fun. I will continue to support Maryse in all her endeavors.

- Thank You's:
Maryse – Of course, the very gorgeous and talented Maryse Ouellet. Would their be a without her? Of course not. Maryse has always been so supportive of the site, with countless RT's on Twitter, following us on Twitter, and always fully acknowledging the site. No matter what career path Maryse is going, we will always continue to support, their have been a lot of come & go Maryse fansites these past couple of months and years, whether Maryse was in WWE or not we would and still will always follow her career and keep the real fans updated on all of her happenings.

Corrin (Webmistress) – Through thick and thin you've always been their for the site, when I had my own personal issues going on, you held the site up to its best. You're the best webmistress anyone could ask for, thank you so much for all your help.

Javier (Javier) – Javier has been an amazing help to the site this year alone. When the site needed help (graphics wise) & had maintenance issues you were their, never made excuses and always lent a helping hand. One of the best webmasters and designers online.

Dan (@OhSoBarbieNet) – A great friend, always helping and donating exclusives to the site. A major contribution to the site.

Web Designers – A special thank you, to each and every designer that has designed for this site, I surely would have to take up two pages to name them all but thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the site look its best. A special thank you to Geoffery, Gordon Milward, Kevin, & Shawn Corson who have designed my favorite layouts of the site thus far.

Special Thank you's to fansite owners and friends who have donated to the site and help towards the site in some way.

Alison -, Kim -, Candice -, Lisa -, Caleb -, Karina -, Luis -, , Chloe - MidnightRun – I'm sure their are more people to thank here, these are just some of the people who have contributed majorly.

- Twitter Thank You's:

On Twitter their are major Maryse fans who are always lending a hand as well, helping promote the site and much more, below are the Twitter handles of people always willing to help.

(@marysefan4life1), (@MaryseFOuellet), (@xkatierocks), (@NICK_COLOSIMO), (@IHeartJerichox3), (@thebeautifulpe1) (@MaryseOnRadio), (@xMizfitMaryse), (@MaryseOuelletBr), (@Axelvilch), (@tylerrcrush), (@litafan4ever), (@MaryseFan_Elias).